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About Me

Learn more about my background, my unwavering passion for Italian culture, cinema, and language, and how I'm dedicated to sharing these treasures with you below.

A Journey from Diplomacy and Philosophy to Education and Inspiration

Education and Background

After Graduating from Prestigious Universities:

After obtaining my degrees in Diplomacy from the University of Bologna and in Philosophy from the Pontifical Atheneum of St. Anselm in Rome, I embarked on a journey that combined my passion for communication and the written word.

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Professional Journey

A Career in Communication:

My career as a communication professional and writer allowed me to hone my skills in effectively conveying ideas and stories. This experience was invaluable as I ventured into the realm of education.

Teaching Experience

5 Years of Teaching Italian Cinema, Culture, and Language:

For the past five years, I've been sharing my expertise in Italian cinema, culture, and language with students from diverse backgrounds. This journey has been both rewarding and enlightening, as I've witnessed the transformative power of education.

Students and Teacher in Classroom

My Mission

Dedication to Sharing Knowledge:

Above all, my mission is rooted in a genuine dedication to sharing knowledge. I believe in the immense beauty and pleasure that comes from learning and self-development. Through my teachings, I aim to educate and inspire individuals, fostering a deep appreciation for the rich tapestry of Italian cinema, culture, and language.

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