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Italian Writer and Cinephile



Nurturing Passion for Italian Culture

Dedicated to Inspiring Lifelong Learning and Appreciation

Learning and teaching are not only important, but defining aspects in my life. After graduating in Diplomacy from the University of Bologna and in Philosophy from the Pontifical Atheneum of St. Anselm in Rome, and a career as communication professional and writer, I have been teaching Italian cinema, culture and language over the past 5 years.

On the Trail of Lost Italy: Between Cinema and History

Written by Gavina Masala 

This is a captivating exploration that seamlessly intertwines the enchanting world of Italian cinema with the rich tapestry of its historical context. Join Gavina Masala on a riveting journey through the lens of iconic Italian films as she unravels the intricate connections between cinematic masterpieces and Italy's compelling history. A must-read for cinephiles and history enthusiasts alike, this book offers a unique perspective on the timeless allure of Italy's cultural heritage.


What I offer

My book

You can now purchase my book

"Sulle tracce dell'Italia perduta. Tra cinema e storia"

on Amazon (Italy), Barnes&Noble and Albatros.

Il mio cinema da New York

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Presentations about Italian cinema

I am pleased to share my passion for Italian cinema with all kinds of audiences. I am planning several presentations of my book "Sulle tracce dell'Italia perduta. Tra cinema e storia".

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